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Social Media & Website Development

Baker County Economic Development delivers high quality business counseling and training to Oregonians who want to start a business or improve the performance of an existing business. 

Let us help connect your business to resources that will add federal, state & local government agencies to your customer portfolio. 

We have extensive experience in creating and maintaining professional websites designed to inform & persuade.

We are available to assist in accessing the capital you need to start or grow your business.  We will help you gather, analyze & organize financial data for submittal to private & public lenders.

How connected is your business to the average consumer? 


Many business owners are reluctant to participate in social media or to own their own web domain.  They wonder how much time it will take to maintain the site and how much will it cost. We can help!


Baker County Economic Development can assist your business in reaching the world's fastest growing market of customers through web development and sites such as Facebook, Twitter & YouTube.

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